This is my first post. I don’t know what to write blah blah.

Ractoid #1: It is 12:56am and I just ate cookie dough and a cup o’ joe. I’m wired.

Ractoid #2: I prefer raw cookie dough over baked cookies.

Ractoid #3: I cannot fall asleep at night without having flossed my teeth. In fact, I brush my teeth at least 3x/day, too. I’ve been told this is strange.

Ractoid #4: Once, I cried watching a 30 second Subaru commercial. It was a moving story. And I was emotional. Like, really emotional.

Ractoid #5: I have just created a new word. Ractoid. Random+Factoid=Ractoid. Sounds like a name for a member of the X-Men. Or pimple cream.